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Rick Reed


Here is the synopsis for THE DARKEST NIGHT and some of the blurbs.


Jack Murphy knows a setup when he sees one. Proving it makes his day. Especially when it involves his own partner. Lured into a trap, Evansville P.D. Detective Liddell Blanchard is accused of murdering a cop who was investigating a shadowy voodoo cult. Justice is murky enough in the swamplands of Louisiana, but when a purported descendent of Marie Leveaux menaces a murder investigation, the gumbo really hits the fan. Corruption comes with the territory. But there are darker forces at play—and only Murphy can see the light . . .

Praise for Rick Reed and his novels

“A jaw-dropping thriller.”—Gregg Olsen

“As authentic and scary as crime thrillers get.”—Nelson DeMille

“Rick Reed knows the dark side as only a real‑life cop can, and his writing crackles with authenticity.”—Shane Gericke

“Put this on your must-read list.”—John Lutz

“Det. Jack Murphy tracks killers through a political maze of lies, deception and dishonor that leads to a violent, pulse-pounding climax.”—Robert S. Levinson

“Reed thrusts the boundaries of his story forward to bring us along on a ride we won’t soon forget!”—Suspense Magazine

“Reed gives the reader a genre story worth every minute and every penny spent.”—Book Reporter

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