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      Jaden Terrell

      The fourth book in my Jared McKean series, A Taste of Blood and Ashes, came out on September 30.

      While investigating a suspicious barn fire, Nashville private detective Jared McKean finds evidence of soring, the practice of using painful shoeing or caustic chemicals to enhance the gait of a Tennessee Walking Horse. Then, in the ashes of the ruined stable, he uncovers something even more unexpected–a human bone.

      Here’s what Kirkus has to say about the book: “After a tense prologue, Jaden Terrell’s fourth mystery settles into a relaxed rhythm that allows all the complications you’d want from a 40-year-old conspiracy without ever breaking a sweat.”

      And this, from Carolyn Haines, author of the Sara Booth Delaney mysteries: “The world of show horses–all breeds of show horses–is often filled with cruelty and greed. Jaden Terrell explores one aspect of that world and reveals the seamy underside. This book was hard to put down, even when I had my own horses to feed and care for. Jaden is a terrific writer who keeps the pace relentless and the characters well-developed.”

      You can read more reviews and an excerpt here: http://www.jadenterrell.com/books/a-taste-of-blood-and-ashes/

      (And I’m looking for reviewers, so if you think you might be interested and would like a PDF of the ARC, let me know, and I’ll send you one.)

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      Stephanie Osborn

      Ooo. I might have to check this out. It sounds good! And since I did horsy stuff before the knees went, right up my alley, too…

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      Jaden Terrell

      I don’t ride, but I love to pet and brush them and give them treats. I lost my 36-year-old, Pete. in August, but I still have Loki, who can’t be ridden because he was stepped on by a cow when he was a baby. He has three good legs and one he uses as a kickstand.

      If you do read it, I hope you like it. (Tex in the books is based on Pete.)

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      Rick Reed


      Best of luck with this one. You’ve been very busy.


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      Robert Mangeot

      This is one of the best series going. Always topical, powerful and personal.


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      Jaden Terrell

      A million thank yous for this comment, Bob.

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      Jaden Terrell

      Rick, I have been VERY busy, but from the looks of things, you have too!

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