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      Rick Reed

      My 5th book in the Det. Jack Murphy thriller series, THE DARKEST NIGHT, will be released on 4/17/17. Four more book in the series will follow starting in October 1017 and ending in April 2019. I’m honored that Kensington Books have signed me to continue the series.

      Killer Nashville, 2015, was a great event. I met with my publisher and signed a three book contract to continue the Jack Murphy series. That contract will be completed with the release of Book #5. I’ve been offered a new contract and will be head down, hands on the keyboard, for a few more stories.

      I wish you all the best of luck. If I can help with any questions or sources I will be glad to. Check out my website: RickReedBooks.com for my bio.


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      Jaden Terrell

      That’s exciting, Rick! A 3-book contract is fantastic.

      Can you tell us a little bit about Jack Murphy and the books?

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      Rick Reed


      Here is the synopsis for THE DARKEST NIGHT and some of the blurbs.


      Jack Murphy knows a setup when he sees one. Proving it makes his day. Especially when it involves his own partner. Lured into a trap, Evansville P.D. Detective Liddell Blanchard is accused of murdering a cop who was investigating a shadowy voodoo cult. Justice is murky enough in the swamplands of Louisiana, but when a purported descendent of Marie Leveaux menaces a murder investigation, the gumbo really hits the fan. Corruption comes with the territory. But there are darker forces at play—and only Murphy can see the light . . .

      Praise for Rick Reed and his novels

      “A jaw-dropping thriller.”—Gregg Olsen

      “As authentic and scary as crime thrillers get.”—Nelson DeMille

      “Rick Reed knows the dark side as only a real‑life cop can, and his writing crackles with authenticity.”—Shane Gericke

      “Put this on your must-read list.”—John Lutz

      “Det. Jack Murphy tracks killers through a political maze of lies, deception and dishonor that leads to a violent, pulse-pounding climax.”—Robert S. Levinson

      “Reed thrusts the boundaries of his story forward to bring us along on a ride we won’t soon forget!”—Suspense Magazine

      “Reed gives the reader a genre story worth every minute and every penny spent.”—Book Reporter

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      Jaden Terrell

      OOooooh, this sounds good!

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