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      Rick Reed

      I have two books submitted by my publisher for the Edgar Award category of Best paperback original/ eBook. THE DEEPEST WOUND was released April 2016 & THE HIGHEST STAKES was released October 2016. These are books #3 and #4 in the Detective Jack Murphy thriller series.

      You will notice a common theme in my books. Jack Murphy doesn’t always play by the rules because politics and the news media don’t. They seldom care about the victims. They care about headlines and public opinion. Someone should be on the victims side. Jack swore an oath to protect the innocent and uphold the laws of the state and the constitution. Jack feels that it is his duty to protect the victims.

      I have a regular cast of characters in my stories. Detective Liddell Blanchard aka/Bigfoot is Jack’s partner. Deputy Chief Richard Dick aka/Double Dick (Jack’s nemesis). Chief of Police Marlin Pope, the first black Police Chief in Evansville’s history. Captain Charles Franklin, Commander of the Adult Investigations Unit and Jack’s boss. Detective Larry Jansen, the Missing Person detective who should himself be listed as a missing person. He is a mole for Double Dick and will do or say anything to keep his cushy job. There are several other bit players that you will be able to follow. The bad guys are very bad. The action is constant. Heads will literally roll sometimes.

      There are five books in this series, the 5th is available for pre-order now, and will be released on 4/17/17. There will be 4 future books in this series.

      I also have a true crime book, BLOOD TRAIL, the true story of a serial killer I caught before retiring from the Evansville Police Department.

      Happy writing.

      Rick Reed

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